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"Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless, like water. Be water, my friend.”

― Bruce Lee

WRT Water Release Therapy-  is an aquatic healing art with deep roots in the stillness of basic Watsu, the joyful bliss of water dance, deep presence, breath work, and yoga.

WRT Water Release Therapy is a therapeutic technique designed to bring about a state of profound aquatic relaxation. It is an aquatic body work therapy that uses the healing properties of warm 97-degree water allowing for optimal healing and relaxation. The individual who receives the session is first brought to the water’s surface in the arms of a skilled WRTpractitioner. Being moved, stretched, and massaged weightless in warm water allows for a relaxing, and unique experience to unfold.WRT Water Release Therapy is intended to aid in the release of trauma, old patterns and holding stored in the body and mind.

 It becomes the giver's (practitioner) complete focus to tune in with the receiver to support and encourage deep relaxation. With the calming effects of slow movement and rhythmic breathing, one’s mind, body, and soul will find itself free from the bounds of gravity and weightless with the ability to experience a calm present state of being. If appropriate, the receiver is gradually taken entirely under the water to be freed from the confines of cellular memory and gravity where one can embrace release finding peace and well-being in unlimited and transformational ways. This sense of freedom is an ideal state to release any holding patterns, whether physical, mental, or emotional and open oneself to reconnecting with the joy of one's essential nature and what many describe as "coming home".

Water Release Therapy is suitable for everyone young and old, whether you suffer from physical or emotional pain, as a therapy or to relieve daily stress.

“… neuroscientists and psychologists are now producing research data which backs up the awe and wonder regarding water. Our brains are hardwired to react positively to water. In that being near it or in it can calm and connect us, increase motivation and insight, and even heal what’s broken. ‘This is water”. 

Blue Mind by Wallace Nichols forward by Celine Cousteau




There are many clinically proven benefits of Water therapy : relaxation, reduced pain, stress, fatigue, increased energy, increased range of motion, improved awareness, breathing, and circulation. This modality can also benefit recovery and release of emotional issues for example: trauma, grief, fear, and abuse. Water therapy can improve chronic back and neck , shoulder, and hip issues. This healing art can be beneficial in response to stroke recovery, addiction, fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s, low energy, sleeping problems, arthritis, PTSD, depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, and can assist with Asperger’s and Autism Spectrum Disorders, discomforts of pregnancy (at all stages), trust issues, and fear of water.

You are water

I’m water 

we’re all water in different containers 

that’s why it’s so easy to meet 

someday we’ll evaporate together.” 

― Yoko Ono




I discovered the healing art of Water Therapy in 2009 and have had the privilege and honor to receive, and study Watsu and Water Release since 2010. I realized during my first session that I had found home. A place free from physical and emotional constraints of daily life. It is in in the magical qualities of the water that I have found and continue to find healing in all areas of my life. I knew the first time I experienced such an incredible state of being that it is part of my purpose to pursue this beautiful work and share the magic of the water. Breath, presence, and an open heart are qualities I bring to to my practice. It is always a heartfelt gift to share this beautiful work and hold sacred the healing journey that unfolds in the water.


I am originally from South Africa, I immigrated to Los Angeles as a teenager with my family in 1979. 

For many years I enjoyed a successful career as a costume designer in the entertainment industry. I later went on to design and manufacture a line of children’s clothing inspired by my then two baby boys. It was around that time that I began my incredible journey in the water.

“Relax, feel joy and get closer to one’s self each time a little bit more”. -  Diane 




….”They both listened silently to the water, which to them was not just water, but the voice of life, the voice of Being, the voice of perpetual Becoming.”

― Hermann Hesse, Siddhartha


Lauren is very fortunate to have access to beautiful healing waters in Los Angeles close to the west side and valley. In-home sessions are available if pool and heating criteria are possible. Please contact Lauren directly for local pool information, rates and availability. Lauren is available to travel to waters near or far for retreats, be it for yoga, women’s groups, plant medicine, and wellness - all are possible options. Where happy water flows, Lauren goes. Lauren Landau

323 533-5937



Links and Interests

Water is life’s matter and matrix, mother and medium. There is no life without water.





If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.” – Loren Eiseley


I think I’d have to go with profound. Profound, as in the 70’s expression

“Deep”. WRT is deep folks, deeply effective.   After trying it once, I had to do a double take. Could it have really been that good? Yes.

Like many, I have a highly demanding and often stressful job. Home life has its issues. My body bares the burdens of a lifetime of exertion. I look for balance, as time permits. 

Driving home, can undo an hour massage in 15 minutes.Having a two-hour massage at home is good, until the next day, about 3pm. Acupuncture gets me 45 minutes of blissful sedation, yet it is difficult to locate the benefits an hour afterward. I can run for three miles and feel the endorphins for the day. I can hike an hour and feel lifted for 2 more. But WRT, is crazy far reaching. Bumper to bumper on the 405, post session is tranquility.

The next day’s onslaught rolls right off me, all day long. Two days later, still undaunted. I find it difficult to get to that point of sizzle; I am less frazzled, for all of a week, even at the harshest of times. There is a happy place I can get to in a WRT session which was hard to find and difficult to keep before. It instills a calmness that is hard to break. Like a distillation flowing backward, stress is broken up and dissolved in the water. Of course…

Tangi LA


My experience with water therapy has been profoundly deep, meditative and cathartic. Lauren is an experienced an intuitive WRT provider. I am a practitioner of meditation. I find Lauren’s ability to maneuver my body through the healing warm salt water allows my blockages of energy and tissues tightness to be released. Allowing me to enter into a deep state of meditation that was absolutely blissful, finding stillness in my mind.

I am a trauma survivor and as many know trauma registers in the same place of the brain where emotional pain and physical pain reside, this practice allowed the gentle opening and receiving of healing.  

Michelle LA 


Shock and grief have had an overwhelming impact on my physical being. Systems were kicked into auto drive, merely existing without feeling a physical connection to the auto mechanics. A weight was placed directly on my chest limiting the depth of my breath. I existed in this state for many months; my daily exercise and meditation brought only temporary relief. Lauren has provided a path with WRT which has, in turn, opened my heart and mind and allowed me to find freedom again in my being. I can finally breathe again.

Lauren brings a calm and revitalizing spirit with her to the water. She has granted me the healing effects of WRT. It has been an honor to practice WRT with Lauren as my guide and I will remain forever grateful.

Gaby LA

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